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Free for you

Here we have compiled for you free software-tips (with direct links), which help in many cases. A little tip: If you have installed a new computer, you will find here the additional software, so it will soon not come to unwanted "stoppers" in use. If you are missing something in the listing, please give us a short note by mail. Mail. So, let's go!



is the worldwide standard for exchanging electronic documents and the only viewer software that can be used to open and use all Adobe PDF documents. Adobe Reader lets you view, search, digitally sign, review, print, and vote Adobe PDF files.

Adobe Air

With Adobe Air, you can use your favorite web applications anytime, anywhere.

Adobe Shock Wave Player

The Shockwave Player displays destination web content such as interactive multimedia product demos and training, e-merchandising applications, and rich media multi-user games. The Shockwave Player is extensible to playback custom applications.

Antivirus Scanner

Avira - Free Antivirus

Free antivirus program for home users. Two security features are available:

  • The real-time scanner: constantly monitors the system
  • the file checker: for the targeted manual search in certain files, directories or a hard disk.


Protects you from dangerous threats that are not detected by anti-virus programs.

Data compression




Windows 10

Download or update Windows 10. The first use is unfortunately no longer free, but the best Windows ever. Update are free!


To play audio and video material, rip CDs (yes, you can!), Save MP3 files and much more. Is powerful, but needs getting used to.


Microsoft Silverlight for playing animations (like Flash once). Silverlight is offered as an (optional) update via the Microsoft Update Process.


Imprint Generator

Create an imprint for your website for free.

Java Downloads

Chat or play online? Java is the scripting language that is common on the Web, and it allows you to do all of this. Also for intranet applications and other e-business solutions (basics of a company network) Java is used.

Free Mind

For the structure of a website, we like to work with so-called MindMaps.


Audacity® is free open source software for recording and editing sounds.

[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv: QR-Codereader

QR-Code Reader

The big advantage of the QR codes is: instead of typing in the information, you scan the QR code. All you need is a Java-enabled mobile phone or smartphone with a camera. The code is photographed with the camera. A program in the phone analyzes the code and decodes the information. You can find a (partially chargeable) selection of these readers or QR code scanners here:

iPhone (Links to Apple iTunes)
Scan, BeeTagg, i-Nigma, NeoReader, Optiscan, QuickMark, UpCode

Android (Links to Android Market)
Barcode Scanner, i-Nigma, Kaywa, QuickMark, QR Droid

Windows Phone (Links to Windows Phone Marketplace)


Security for remote access and remote support


With this tool even less experienced users can calculate the images to the required level on the Web.


Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft EDGE


Google Chrome




Nice to have

VLC Media Player

Quick Time Player


Google Earth

Google Sketchup

Desktop Earth