We design PR concepts

With strategy

In many agencies, PR is done "by feel" and PR concepts do not exist or have little success. Not with us. We recommend a conceptual, strategically oriented approach to our clients for their PR concepts. Anything else would simply be unprofessional.

Our strategy for PR concepts:

  • Collection of facts, e.g. evaluation of previous publications
  • Opinion polling, e.g. by means of surveys / creation of a polarity profile
  • Definition of the current situation
  • Definition of the target situation
  • Recommendation for action
  • Planning of measures
  • Implementation of measures
  • Evaluation

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Film and video production
The rounding off for your professional marketing

A professional corporate video is part of every good media presence of a company. Especially these days, image videos are more important than ever, because the attention span of many people is constantly decreasing due to social media & co. Videos must therefore not only be professionally produced and meet the demands of your company, but also be able to withstand modern video production requirements at the same time.

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Social Media
The new media

It is impossible to imagine the world of marketing without social media. Every week there is a new trend, a new function and more and more posts to be found online. But how do you draw attention to yourself in the vast ocean of content and how do you promote your products or services across platforms? We would be happy to answer these questions and much more in a 1 to 1 conversation with you and analyse your potential channels in search of the right social media strategy.

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Add-ons for your PR work

Benefit from our broad portfolio:
Press releases

No journalist likes poorly worded press releases. We make editors' work easier, because our texts are prepared according to editorial criteria, professionally checked, orthographically correct and can be used directly for printing. To ensure that your press releases reach the right place, we use our PR mail service for distribution to deliver the information individually and personalised directly to the workplace of the respective editor.


Individual journalist support is important, because with the amount of press information available today, a targeted approach helps to separate the important from the unimportant. We create an individual mailing for you in your corporate design. The mailing is sent via a personalised e-mail addressed directly to the responsible editor - with text, image and a specially created PDF as an attachment.

Press conferences

Personal contact with the press is an important success factor for your PR work. If you want to deliver important information to selected journalists in person, press conferences are an excellent measure: they create a personal level and demonstrate size and competence at the same time.

Professional reports

More detailed than product releases are technical reports, e.g. on technology trends or problem solutions, and application reports (how is your product used by the customer?). Do you have an interesting approach for an editorial publication but no routine in writing extensive, "essay-like" texts?


Text creation is difficult for many and is needed more often than thought. From brochures to websites. We support you.


Your digital, measurable mailing. A cost-effective marketing tool to maintain contact with your own customers or to present news from development.

Do you still have questions?

Here are the answers

More success for your public relations work through practical press releases: The ideal press release consists of a text (as a Word file) and approx. 1 to 3 pictures. Important: A caption belongs to each picture. To give the editors an overview of the material and make it easier to assign the images, we design the press release in the customer's design at no extra charge and attach it as a PDF.

We use a special programme to send your press releases specifically to the address of the responsible editor. And not as a download link, but with real attachments, which distinguishes us from other public relations agencies. We design the personalised e-mail in your corporate design at no extra charge.

Press conferences are among the most demanding tasks in the field of public relations. With our many years of experience and an extensive, up-to-date press distribution list, we ensure that your press conference is a complete success. Once the date, theme and venue for the press conference have been set, we take care of the entire organisation and all the details involved, e.g. accommodation, supporting programme, catering, etc. We invite your guests and look after them. We invite your guests and look after them on site, coach the speakers, prepare conference documents and ensure that the entire press conference runs smoothly. The goal is to make our clients feel like guests at their own event.

Yes, we do that too. We can take care of all the steps from editorial development to printing or realise the entire magazine as a complete project.

As an experienced PR agency, we accompany you through the entire process of conception and are also happy to take over the complete implementation of all public relations measures. Of course, our actions are always carried out in consultation with you.