We Create PR Concepts

From strategy to success

In many agencies, PR is done "on the fly". Not with us. We recommend a conceptual, strategically oriented approach to our customers. Anything else would be simply unprofessional.

Our strategy for the PR concept:

  • Collection of facts, e.g. B. Evaluation of previous publications
  • Opinion poll, e.g. B. through surveys / creation of a polarity profile
  • Definition of the current situation
  • Definition of the target situation
  • Recommended action
  • Planning the measures
  • Implementation of the measures
  • Evaluation

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Text creation

How do I hit the right note? Correct copywriting is difficult for many, but is becoming more and more important with increasing digitalization. We take this burden off your shoulders - from the product description in the brochure to the finished website. Just tell us where the shoe pinches. We'll do the rest.

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Press release

No journalist likes poorly worded press releases. We make it easier for editors to do their work: Our texts are up to editorial standards, are checked by experts and can be directly used for printing. To ensure that your press releases reach your target group, we use our PR mail service for the distribution process in order to deliver the information individually and personalized directly to the workstation of the respective editor.

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Media Pool

The best company news or press release is of no use if it does not reach the right people. That's why we put together the perfect, individual press distribution list for your company from various sources.

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Add-ons for your PR work


Individual journalist support is important, because with the amount of press information available today, targeted addressing helps to separate the important from the unimportant. We will create an individual mailing for you in your corporate design. The dispatch takes place via a personalized e-mail addressed directly to the responsible editor - with text, image and a specially created PDF as an attachment.


Technical reports are more detailed than product releases, e.g. on technology trends or problem solutions, and application reports (how is your product used by the customer?). Do you have an interesting approach to an editorial publication but no routine in creating extensive, "essay-like" texts?


Personal contact with the press is an important success factor for your PR work. If you want to personally convey important information to selected journalists, a press conference is an excellent measurement: You create a personal level with the journalists and demonstrate competence at the same time. Do you have any questions about press conferences? Feel free to give us a call!

We accompany you through the entire conception process and are happy to take over the complete implementation of the measures. Our actions are always carried out in consultation with you.

The ideal press release consists of a text (as a Word file) and approx. 1 to 3 images. Important: Every picture has a caption, so that the editors get an overview of the material and can better assign the images. We make sure that your press release is in line with your corporate design and also attach it as a PDF.

We use a special software to send the material specifically to the address of the responsible editors. Not as a download link, but with real attachments - that's what sets us apart from others. Upon request, we can design the e-mail in your corporate design.

After the date for the PK is set, we take care of the venue and the details associated with it, e.g. accommodation options, supporting program, catering, etc. We invite the guests (and look after them on site), coach the speakers, prepare conference documents and ensure that the entire event runs smoothly. The aim is for our customers to feel like guests at their own event.

Yes, we do that too. We can take care of all sub-steps of the in-house magazine, from the editorial preparation to the printing process.