From analysis to success monitoring

Reaching the goal with sensible marketing concepts

Successful marketing is hard to imagine without sensible marketing concepts. For us, professional consulting therefore primarily means one thing: conceptual work. Together with you, we strategically look at your corporate goals and derive the appropriate measures, including evaluation and adaptation. With our success monitoring, we adjust your marketing concept where needed. That way we can ensure the most profitable outcome for your individual strategy.

We consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks, set individual priorities and take care of the timely implementation of the planned steps.

The healthy basis: corporate identity

  • Does your company have a corporate philosophy defined in writing?
  • Do you have a guide to leadership?
  • Are there in-house "rules of the game" for employees?
  • Are the company's external communication goals defined?
  • Is there a defined corporate design of your house in order to anchor the recognition effect with the viewer?

Corporate design Corporate design, logo and logotype

Whether it's a new design or a revision: with us, your corporate design is in the best hands. Our Graphics & Design department is passionate about making sure it is a real "eye-catcher".

We will draw up a CD manual for you in which the use of your logo, corporate colour and font as well as other graphic elements will be precisely defined. This enables you to provide clear and unambiguous information to printers, publishers, advertising suppliers and other service providers.

Media planning

Regardless of whether it is print or online advertising: Campaigns have to be budgeted in a targeted manner and clearly documented, especially for data-driven and KPI-oriented marketing. We are in close contact with leading publishers and manage budgets - from planning and preparing offers to billing and evaluating campaign reports.

Download exemplary media plan


Not at all easy: First of all, your target group has to be defined or the buyer personas have to be determined. This is followed by an analysis of which topics your customers are most likely to address. Only then does it make sense to discuss the media in detail. We are happy to help you through all phases of the decision-making process and the implementation to grant the success of your marketing concepts.

These terms are often confused. By corporate identity we mean the overall picture (= the identity) of a company, which is composed of its culture, its behavior, its communication and a few other factors. This also includes the corporate design. This term refers exclusively to the graphic appearance (logo, corporate colors, font, etc.).

There are a few things to consider when designing: For example, that the logo is always displayed cleanly and legibly in both small and large views - i.e. it is easily scalable. A good logo is clearly recognizable and ensures a high recognition value. In addition to the basic design, we always create a wide variety of versions of your logo: colored, black and white or as a "line version" that you can use for stamps or monochrome printing, for example.

At the beginning it is important to set a clearly defined, realistic goal that is to be achieved and checked. After a detailed analysis of target and actual states as well as strengths and weaknesses, the appropriate advertising measures are selected and implemented. At the end there is a review of the effectiveness, which in turn makes planning easier in the next step. In the medium and long term, a properly implemented marketing strategy leads in most cases to a noticeable improvement in sales and earnings.

The pure advice is free of charge with us. Costs only arise after consultation and approval on your part for a job resulting from the consultation. Important: Before we start work that is subject to a fee, you will always receive an order confirmation - so you are always on the safe side.

Customer testimonials

Unsere Kunden über gerberCom.WERBEAGENTUR
Carsten Brammeyer

"gerberCom has created the corporate design with fresh colours for our company divisions. The support and maintenance is absolutely professional. In addition to the various business cards, stationery and advertising material, three websites have been implemented to a high technical standard so far. An all-round successful appearance."

Michael Biesewinkel

"gerberCom. has been looking after our marketing for several years, from websites to graphics, copywriting to business cards, everything comes from a single source. We feel completely comfortable, are looked after reliably and, above all, promptly."


Yvonne Schewe

"From the very beginning, gerberCom. has accompanied me in setting up my podiatry practice: Logo design, letterheads, business cards, website, outdoor advertising, everything is all of a piece and looks great. I am thrilled and happy about the nice comments from my customers!"

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