With us you sell successfully on the Internet!

The numbers are frightening: online retail is growing steadily by around 10 percent per year and is putting increasing pressure on regional retailers. Many retailers, especially in the city centers, despair of this seemingly hopeless situation.

But there is one way to take advantage of this trend:

Open your own webshop ... and then sell successfully online!

Our e-commerce competence for you:

E-commerce advice

There is no such thing as a “basic shop recipe” for your success in e-commerce. Your company, your brand and your products should be presented in a unique way. In the first step, we deal intensively with the strengths and weaknesses of your products and analyze the opportunities and risks in the market in order to develop a secure marketplace for you on the Internet.

Implementation of the web shop

From technical development and implementation to ongoing operation - there are many questions to be answered this way, and we will be happy to assist you.

The webshop system offers exceptional features for shop owners:

  • Shopping worlds that create individual shopping experiences for your customers
  • Product variants for product presentations in different sizes, colors and shapes
  • Integrated blog system - convenient reports
  • Integrated affiliate system that "rewards" partner sites when they refer to your site
  • Voucher system for sales promotion
  • Various plugins / extensions
  • Get to know the industry, for example via news portals (e.g. online retailer news), industry meetings, trade fairs (e.g. Internet World Fair in Munich)
  • Study specialist literature (e.g. on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • Deal with the topic of financing


The costs of a web shop are related to its scope, the number of products and the features integrated in the shop. Please give us a call (0571 97529-0) or use the contact form below to inquire about your personal shop.

Simply use the contact form. We'll get back to you quickly.

Shopware has many advantages:

Simple operation for the shop operator
No HTML knowledge required
Desktop-like backend
Innovative Tools
;Support and training center
Individual shopping experiences through the Shopware shopping worlds
Individual, graphic design
Extensive documentation through the Shopware Wiki

Full service support

With us, the cooperation does not end when your web shop goes live - where many agencies have come to the end, the work for us to maintain a long-term partnership begins. After the project is before the project!

Product maintenance, monitoring and coordinating ordering processes, technical development and editorial support are part of our daily work. Of course, we also see ourselves responsible for the marketing of your web shop.