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In our brochures you will find the answers to many questions around the topic of marketing as free downloads . And also in our PDFs "Help with the PC crisis" and "Windows: do you use keyboard shortcuts?" we have put together a lot of useful user tricks for you.

Try it, it can only get better :-)


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Public Relations

Motiv: Public Relations

Help with the PC crisis

Do you have a strange feeling because unusual things happen with your online services? You may have been hacked or have at least unpleasant programs on your systems. And without your knowledge, let alone on purpose ... For defense and as an emergency action plan, we have put together useful data here, to display your suspicions at the respective providers and, if necessary, to seek help directly. Although we wish you never needed this list, we hope that it will serve you well in case of need.

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Successful trade fair appearance


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Windows: you like keyboard shortcuts?

If you work a lot with Windows, you will have noticed that using the built-in keyboard shortcuts is much quicker than using the pulldown menus with the mouse each time.

The most important abbreviations can be found here on a list, which should serve you well as a small work aid next to the PC. Then have fun and save as much time as possible!

Social Media

Motiv: Social Media