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gerberCom. ADVERTISING AGENCY GmbH | Full-service agency in Northern Germany

Advertising | Webdesign | Public Relations


Concept + graphics + text + technology - that's what you get from one source. We listen to you and, taking into account the wishes of your target group and your strategy, create your own individual advertising concept from our "ingredients". In doing so, we treat each other fairly, are a reliable partner and calculate for you transparently. We find that makes us different from others. Sounds good, but applied too thick? Find out! We are looking forward to it!


The gerberCom. ADVERTISING AGENCY was founded in 1993 with the goal of creating professional marketing concepts and consistently implementing them in successful advertising campaigns. The head office is in Porta Westfalica, district Minden (Northern Germany).

As a technically savvy full-service agency, we carry out work for customers worldwide, naturally with a focus on marketing in Germany. In doing so, we rely on good marketing advice and cross-media advertising campaigns. The entire marketing communication is created in the corporate design of our customers, because a new contact always requires a good recognition effect that builds trust.

And the success of our customers also benefits us. Only through innovative marketing and the right "nose" for the market, our customers sell their products and services - together we increase sales and success. And that is fun for everyone!




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