At gerberCom. people work for people. With passion, high motivation, experience and curiosity and above all - a lot of inspiration. The fun in the matter, the enthusiasm of the own work and the satisfaction by the success are in the foreground. Whether consulting, creation or production processing: we work consciously to deal responsibly with the budgets of our customers.


Fun at work - enthusiasm for the product

From global corporations to start-ups, we are just as pleased to be one of our clients. Because all big customers started small. We appreciate the feedback from our circle of customers, because it confirms us: we do a good job, because the enthusiasm comes from within. That's why our team continues to grow - quantitatively and qualitatively. If you would like to get to know us better, let us introduce you to the creative minds behind it.


The most important resource within each company is the people and their skills. Internal and external training measures expand the horizon of experience and the range of services. Without motivation, creativity and innovation fall by the wayside quickly. It is therefore very important to us that all employees actively participate in the continuous improvement process and are prepared to constantly learn new things.

"There is only one thing that is more expensive in the long term than education: no education." John F. Kennedy

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