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We not only design and program your website, we also offer you a nice home as a host, in this case webhoster.

Yes, we know the big webservice providers who have been luring at dumping prices for years, but we're not about getting as many customers as possible through price wars - our personal support and customer satisfaction are very important to us. Not alone when it comes to configuration problems or full e-mail inboxes. with our service you can forget about anonymous hotlines and faulty service - because we take you seriously as a customer!

At gerberCom. get the full web service "from one source". webdesign, maintenance of your website and webhosting with personal support: we want you to really feel in good hands!

At least another pithy saying: "Less you should really treat yourself and your website!" So, now we have really said everything... [advertising block end].

Our services:

  • Installation and configuration of the server systems
  • Setup and administration of web and e-mail servers
  • Domain login and logout
  • Technical support
  • Security updates
  • Import bugfixes
  • Updating the existing website to the latest TYPO 3 installation


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More security through SSL certificates

It is actually weird: Everyone is talking about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, but different versions are already considered "cracked", means vulnerable to hacker attacks. Therefore SSLv2 is disabled on our systems and is not used. We support the TLS1 (Transport Layer Security), TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 versions.

Now we do not want to mess things up, so we also speak of "SSL Certificates". So ours are already on the cutting edge of technology to increase the trustworthiness of your website - whether business website or webshop.

If you want to securely transfer information over the Internet, you need SSL certificates. SSL should be used for all confidential information sent over the Internet, as only an SSL certificate establishes the secure connection between a web browser and an SSL-enabled web server. When transmitting passwords via the web browser or when sending sensitive data via forms, SSL certificates protect the connection from modification and unauthorized access. SSL serves for:
Sicherung der Kommunikation in Intranets, Extranets, internen Netzwerken

  • Securing communication in intranets, extranets, internal networks
  • Securing the file transfer
  • Backup of data sent via mobile devices
  • Securing credit card or payment transactions on the Internet
  • Backup contact forms and login routines
  • Backup of e-mail and webmail applications

The certificate also signals search engines the added value of your page, because SSL certificates are rated by Google, among others, as a positive ranking factor, so your page appears faster in better places on the search engine.

However, SSL certificates also protect website operators: If an online shop is damaged by a forged SSL certificate, you will receive compensation of up to $ 1.750.000 through the NetSure® guarantee, depending on the certificate you have booked.

More information about SSL certificates, order directly or ask for an offer first?

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