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SEO | Search engine optimization: THE COMPETITION RUNS!

Are you dissatisfied with the visibility of your website on the internet? New customers, patients or clients are searching for you on the Internet and can not find you right away? Then let our professionals "lend a hand" - once or as a regular service.

More users, greater success!

We make your website more visible - and that means: more requests and more sales! SEO | Search engine optimization is the key to this: Because the visibility of a website is one of the ranking factors of the search engine algorithm. It is calculated from a few hundred factors that can be influenced in a positive way.

Graphical visibility comparison with the competition, visibility of your website in the search engines compared with the websites of your competitors. See why your competitors' websites perform better! And let's change that together :-)

We inform you in a personal consultation about all the tricks and gimmicks and show you the budget.


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Search Engine Optimization | a look behind the scenes

"Ranking" is crucial: Websites can only develop their full advertising impact if they are found by search engines and appear in the result lists in the first place. To achieve this, the criteria of the search engines must be known and adhered to.The problem is: there is no official criteria catalog. Moreover, Google & Co. continuously adjust their claims to the search behavior of the users. It is therefore all the more important to pay attention to the SEO (short for search engine optimization) of the website from the beginning and - above all - over and over again.Some important facts are known: Easy-to-read and individual continuous texts are a decisive criterion. Clusters of words intended to cover only certain keywords are now recognized and ignored by the robots. So the typical "SEO texts" hurt more than they use.

The structure of the page is important: page titles and headlines should show the reader what awaits him and guide him through the text. Reckless headings without content reference have a negative effect on the place in the result list. For the normal user is difficult to see whether a website was technically clean and implemented in compliance with the SEO criteria. With various free services, the user can put the site to the test.

Search engine optimization is the improvement in the visibility of a website in the results of search engines. SEO is basically divided into 2 areas: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO describes the actions that can be taken directly on a website to improve the ranking, while off-page SEO deals with everything that can be done outside of the site.

Here is a small overview of how to improve the visibility of your site:


The content

The content of your website is the most important element for an effective search engine optimization strategy. When you create the content of your website, you should consider what information is really important to your customers. The length of the content of a website is very important for the search engines and has a big impact on the ranking. We recommend using at least 300 words, better still 500. The longer, the better. Of course, you should formulate the content in an interesting and relevant way for your customers and avoid repetition.


Keywords are the terms that someone types in search engines like Google to find websites. Relevant keywords are therefore a must to be found by search engines. A good keyword is a term with a high search query on Google and content very close to your field of activity. Keywords must be included in both the headings and content of your page. Preferably, the keywords should be integrated at the beginning of the text, in such a way that it creates a natural body text that fits your content. If you only bluntly list your keywords without rationally incorporating them, you risk being noticed by search engines and being penalized for bad results.

Meta Title und Meta Description

The Meta Title is the title that is publicly visible in the SERPs (search engine results pages). It can be up to 54 characters long to be fully displayed in the search results. An effective Meta Title should include your 3 main keywords and describe the company as accurately as possible. The Meta Description will appear in the search results under the Meta Title. This description can be up to 150 characters long and should also include your three most important keywords. This description should also define the company as exactly as possible. Meta Title and Meta Description are intended to attract prospects and interest in your website.


Social Media

Social media is great for interacting with your customers and sharing the latest information about your business. Social media can be very helpful in achieving defined goals and promoting your products and services.

Online Business Directories

OnlineOnline directories / supplier directories allow you to quickly be featured on many different websites and receive reviews from your customers. A comprehensive online presence and good customer reviews have already given many companies new customers. However, it is very important to move quickly to any negative reviews.


Backlinks operate on a similar principle to word-of-mouth, but are usually a very demanding task. The easiest way to get backlinks is to create good content, and publish up-to-date, interesting news and information. This can (and will) encourage others to report on your business and rate it positively. Another way to get backlinks is to contact bloggers directly or collaborate with other sites that specialize in your subject area

Examples of what should be noted:

  • The guidelines that determine how to build HTML and CSS files must be adhered to. Even simple typing errors can already lead to validation errors and thus to poor scoring. Solid structures and error-free implementation are the nuts and bolts
  • Use the current possibilities of HTML
  • Language and character set must be correctly identified so that letters can be displayed on every device
  • Meta information provides important information about the geographic location, contextual content or links to other websites

  • The website should be optimized so that the number of server accesses is kept as low as possible (aggregation of JS, CSS, graphics). Favicons (the small icon that contains the page when you bookmark) are considered positive, but are to be entered by the programmer.

The technical search engine optimization runs in the background, but is a prerequisite for a good place in the results. That's why it's important to rely on a professional partner.