Are you also affected by the effects of the corona crisis? Would you like to sell online but don't have an online shop yet? Do you have to watch how the “big ones” do business that you cannot currently do? Then now is the right time: We will set up your own shop for you and ensure that your sales are no longer determined by contact bans and exit restrictions. React now ... and soon sell like a hero!

Our E-Commerce competence for you:

Motiv: E-Commerce consulting

E-commerce consulting

There is no "basic shop recipe" for your success in e-commerce. Your business, your brand and products should be presented in a unique way. We sit in the process intensively with the strengths and weaknesses of your products apart and analyze the opportunity and risks in the market to give you a safe develop marketplace on the Internet.
We are happy to help!

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Motiv: Implementation of the webshop
Implementation of the webshop

The technical development and implementation up to the current operation - There are many questions to answer in this way happy to help you. n to answer, where we happy to help you.

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Motiv: Shopsystem
Motiv: Payment
  • Why is Shopware the right system for me?
  • What is the first step towards e-commerce?
  • How much does a Shopware Webshop cost me?
  • How do we get together?

Shopware has many advantages:

hakenEasy operation for the shop owner
hakenNo HTML knowledge needed
hakenDesktop-like backend
hakenInnovative tools
hakenSupport and Training Center
hakenIndividual shopping experiences through the Shopware shopping worlds
hakenIndividual, graphic design
hakenComprehensive documentation through the Shopware Wiki

Motiv: Full-Service Support

Full-Service Support

With us the cooperation does not end with the live gear of your webshop - where many agencies have arrived at the end, the work for the preservation of a long-term partnership starts for us. After the project is before the project!

Product maintenance, monitoring and coordinating order processes, technical development and editorial support are now part of the daily work. Of course we are also responsible for the marketing of your webshop.

Callback service

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Callback service
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Michael Gerber
Managing Director

Phone: 0571 97529-0
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