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Who does not know that? You're on the road and want to take a quick look at the website of your choice with your smartphone. Unfortunately, this page is only displayed as a poorly readable miniature of the PC website and the interesting areas must be enlarged with the "2-Finger-Trick". Ease of use looks different! This barrier leads to frustration and at worst to leaving your website.

The solution to this problem is called responsive webdesign. Your website will be displayed optimized on all devices (smartphone, tablet or PC) and flexibly adapted to provide the highest possible user experience regardless of device.

So users do not have to adapt to your website, which is static and much too small on the mobile device. We program the navigation elements as well as the structure of your page according to the screen resolution of the terminal. The webdesign adapts to the user, not the other way around.

Why responsive web design?

Current statistics and trends reflect the increasing market share of mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone - a trend that makes the design and technical adjustment of a website indispensable. Today, companies and other website owners are more than ever obliged to make their pages user-friendly and adapted to the mobile device, as this is the only way to optimally serve all user groups.

By the way: don't fear cumbersome content maintenance: All contents of the website are in a single database, so they only have to be maintained once. When changes are made at one spot they are available to all end devices with the same ease of use.


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The benefits of responsive webdesign:

  • optimized display on all devices
  • satisfied users
  • reduced maintenance effort: several devices - data changes in one spot (pictures, texts, etc.)