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  Certified Template Developer – Shopware
  Certified Template Designer - Shopware

Michel Rojahn

Server administration, Web shops


At gerberCom. since: 2019

Here are a few more facts about me:

What dangerous animal would you like to have as a pet if it was the size of a cat?
An Elephant.

What would your ultimate dream home look like?
Sustainable, efficient and self-sufficient in order to be able to live without external suppliers (heat, water, electricity).

Do you think that children born today will have a better or a worse life than their parents?
Worse, because the pressure to perform in school and in professional life is significantly higher. You have to work up to a higher age and the constellation that only one parent has to work is becoming increasingly rare. Which means that family life is shorter compared to the previous generation.

Which 3 things are currently most important to you in life?
My family, my hobby - darts and my professional career.

What would you like to change in the world?
That politicians are not allowed to carry out any other activities during their term of office (e.g. board of directors in large companies, hold paid seminars etc.).

What event in your life are you most grateful for?
The birth of my children.

Do you have bad habits?
Yes, but I won't tell you which ones.

Have you ever had a completely different look?
Yes. That was a few years ago, there was also a version of me with long hair and a biker look.

What is your favorite pet?
An Akita Inu (the Japanese Shepherd Dog).

Which is more important: theory or practice?
Practice - there is no point in speaking without action.

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