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Torsten Redeker

Authorized officer / PR & Media

Certified public relations consultant


At gerberCom. since: 1994

Here are a few more facts about me:

Sea or mountains?
Clearly: the sea

What should never be missing in your fridge?
Icecream! Preferably with vanilla and fruit. Or caramel. Or chocolate.
Or ...

Which is more important: theory or practice?
Both are important. But the result matters more to me. So: practice.

What other language would you like to speak?

What do you prefer? A fine meal in a 5 star hotel or a kebab at the snack bar?
Definitely Doner kebab. But it can also be Gyros.

If you could give advice to a young child for the rest of their life. Which would that be?
Listen to what others have to say, then form your own opinion.

Which of your birthdays do you remember most?
The eighteenth.

If all animals could talk, which animal do you think would be the most annoying?
The mosquito. It's annoying even without a voice.

What's your favorite quote from a movie?
"You don't get power, you have to take power!" (Jock Ewing, Dallas)

Which country is at the top of your travel list?
For the future? The USA.

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