Authorized Officer | PR & Media, Certified Public Relations Consultant

„My work is much more than just a job for me - here I can get involved completely."

Contact: tr(at)gerbercom.de

At gerberCom. since: 1994

My favorite activity: Clearly: texts

In the restaurant I order: Usually too much

My next trip goes to: Fuerteventura

In my spare time I like to deal with: Music, motorcycles and cars

On TV, I like most: Everything is exciting. And I am a self-confessed jungle camp viewer.

On a lonely island, I take with me: Who wants to go to a lonely island? Okay, if it has to be, I need something to go online with. Flat..

If I were an animal, I would be: Depending on the current mood: sometimes chameleon, sometimes an elephant in a china shop.

Sport is: something that becomes more important as you get older - and more exhausting.

What I do not like: Dishonesty, hectic, intrusive people

What do colleagues say about Torsten Redeker:

"... Whatever the topic: Torsten is the man of words!"

"Anyone looking for the term loyalty in the dictionary would actually have to see a picture of Torsten. He is very analytical, honest (sometimes ruthless), 100% reliable and the best sparring partner you can ask for. Develop projects together, be creative and give your thoughts free rein. Without him we would not be gerberCom. "

"Torsten is reliable, authentic and our PR specialist"

Motiv: Writing