Graphics & Design, Project Management

"Everyone has this one work colleague who is a source of inspiration for violent fantasies ... EXCEPT ME! :-) "

Contact: sb(at)

At gerberCom. since: 1998

My favorite activity: Artworks

In the restaurant I order: Pizza (in all variations)

In my spare time I like to deal with: my children, sports, acrylic painting

I like to read: Fantasy

The best movie ever is: Dirty Dancing...really!

On a lonely island, I take with me: a suitcase full of Nutella glasses and a spoon

Sport is: necessary ... but so exhausting

My most beautiful trips: the holidays in Greece with my girlfriend - the first holidays without parents ;-); 4 weeks Namibia: working in a school village and round trip - an unforgettable experience!

What I do like: Time for me, trips with the kids, CHOCOLATE

What I do not like: Arrogance, envy, spiders, the winter

What do colleagues say about Sina Bertino?

"Always sovereign and reliable!"

"She is always helpful, absolutely reliable and always good for an unexpected saying. Sina has been part of the team since 1998 (!) And loves to design things, organize events and is familiar with all aspects of prepress and production. "

Motiv: Designing