Managing Director

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"I have found the best job in the world for me, because I can often pursue my creativity, influences and thoughts. No two days are the same, because there is always a new challenge waiting to be discovered and worked out. And having even great teammates to play their own strengths and bring in fresh ideas is just fun."

Contact: mg(at)gerbercom.de

At gerberCom. since: 1993

My favorite activity: Conceive & let creative thoughts (first) let free rein


In the restaurant I order: Most of the time - yes - the "Jägerschnitzel", despite other intentions…

My next trip is: Florida or somewhere in the USA, there's plenty to see

In my spare time, I like to play with: playing guitar & bass, composing & recording with our rockband Exhaust, listening to music, going to concerts & gigs, watching movies and everything with action and speed like rollercoaster, diving, racing

The best movie of all time is: Currently Avatar. Although the old story of Pocahontas, but that's how we humans are.

On TV, I like most: movies on DVD or series on streaming services, ha!

At a karaoke party I sing: Better only in chorus with everyone else

Make me laugh: The creative and absolutely fictitious news from Postillon.de

On a lonely island, I take with me: A guitar, a recording device, all friends (and who else wants to), plenty of supplies for 3 years and a decent outdoor equipment. And - if I think it over - best also a nice 25 meter yacht, party on! Want to come?

Sport is: my new intent. Today we start. Certainly.

I am committed to: our hometown Porta Westfalica

What I Like: spending time with family and friends, holidays, recording and working with colleagues in the agency. And beer.

What I do not like: quarrels & unnecessary stress, useless discussions, people who do not keep their word!

What do colleagues say about Michael Gerber:

"I've known Michael for over 30 years and I know that I can count on him. Always! Professional as well as private. A man a word!"

"Always open to innovative proposals, progressive, is a great boss!"

"I have worked in many medium and large companies. I've been employed at gerberCom.WERBEAGENTUR for many years and feel comfortable there. If that does not speak for the boss and his leadership style, then I do not know!"

"Our CEO loves SEO :-)"

Motiv: Organisation