Server administration, programming

"It's about the joy of work."

Contact: mh(at)

At gerberCom. since: 2013

My favorite activity: Programming web pages


My next trip goes to: Hamburg

In my spare time I like to deal with: Photography, reading, cooking and with my dog

On TV, I like most: The NDR Talkshow and of course Outlander

I am involved in: Animal welfare in Crete

My best experience: There are so many and I am very thankful for that.

What I do like: Harmony, variety, the sea, flowers, short trips, operas, challenges, relaxing evenings with friends

What I do not like: Hypocrisy, big spiders, constant rain, selfishness, ignorance, arrogance, resentment and dishonesty

My motto: Live and let live

What do colleagues say about Martina Helmers:

"Martina is always there when you need her."

"Martina is a very conscientious colleague whom I always like to ask for advice and opinion."

"The only person in my immediate environment who understands me when I speak of div tags, concatenation points, variables and floats! Seriously: a very dear and competent colleague and friend. Incredibly loyal, inquisitive, open to everything new, reliable ... I am looking forward to the next years of our cooperation! "

"Martina is enthusiastic about working on the internet. She is very reliable, honest and absolutely loyal. And above all: a person with a fine character. "

"Martina is our Greek angel. :-) "

Motiv: Websites