Gabriele Reinke

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At gerberCom. since: 2000

Here are a few more facts about me:

Sea or mountains?
Both - very clearly! Much more important for me is the next question: where to go first? I love the variety. Sea and mountains and the 4 seasons et voilà: lots of possibilities! Beach hike in windy or stormy autumn weather, snowy winter in a mountain hut or the other way around; Spend summer in the mountains, cool your feet in a cold mountain stream ... Or cattle drive in autumn, the summer scent of the lavender harvest or the salty smell of the sea in August ...

What does a perfect Christmas look like for you?
Very traditional. A real Christmas tree is definitely one of them, preferably a spruce. They smell so nice! Real candles have to be in the tree and on the morning of the 24th it will be decorated with red balls and straw stars and tinsel. Cook a delicious Christmas dinner with family and / or friends and enjoy the evening in peace. On Christmas Eve I can also be found in a church.

Can you imagine living abroad one day?
Yes, of course! Preferably traveling, sometimes here, sometimes there, always staying as long as I like. I think I inherited a "hiking and traveling blessing" from my ancestors! I have already lived abroad for 10 years and worked in the tourism industry during this time. The stays per season lasted between 2 and 8 months, depending on the destination and the season; 8 months seemed way too long to me every time. Even back then, I thought 2-3 months were ideal ... So, let's see what else is possible!

Do you have or have you ever had pets? What is your favorite pet?
Animals have played an important role all my life and I rarely or never come across at least one animal! At first it was my grandma's dogs, cats and chickens. As soon as I left home, the first cat moved in with me. From then until now I have been accompanied by a number of budgies, cats and dogs. I currently have 2 great dog girls living with me.

Do you prefer to spend your money on material things or on experiences?
Well - that's an exciting question! Am I a material girl? My most exciting experiences were always those that I "worked towards". In other words: I take money in hand to buy the necessary material to be able to plan and carry out my experience / se myself. Example: compass, tent, backpack, cookware, hiking boots, clothes - and then set off into the big wide world! Great and unique experiences come naturally. And it doesn't work without it!

Did you steal something as a child?
Oh god - yeah! These little Pez dispensers used to exist as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. (Head pulled back, Drops was pushed out front - do they still exist?) I must have been 6 or 7 years old at the time and it was about a test of courage after school. So - I passed the test of courage with Snow White Pez! However, in the end I got caught, had to apologize to the shopkeeper and pay for the device with my pocket money. That was the classic lesson for life for me!

What is the thing you would most like to undo in your life that you did in your life?
In all honesty, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life so far. And in this respect I have probably not yet reached the end of the flagpole! But to undo something of it now ...! No, I don't think so. All stupidities, wrong turns, mistakes - they are part of life and are ultimately part of my personality. A cheer to the fat bowls of this world! I'm excited to see when I'll meet the next one. LOL!

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