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Marketing Communication, Graphics & Design

"When you find a job that you enjoy, it does not feel like work anymore."

Contact: cha(at)

At gerberCom. since: 2015

My favorite activity: Customer contact, order processing, design work

In the restaurant I order: Fish or meat dishes

My next trip is: Ameland or Sylt to my relatives

In my spare time, I like to deal with: Sports, good music, meeting with good friends

I could read again and again: The Choice - Until The Last Day

The best movie ever is: Honey in the head, Focus, 50 first dates, Pretty best friends, the hottest day

On TV, I like most: old, almost forgotten movies, entertainment shows

Make me laugh: Friends, relatives and my colleagues :-) :-)

On a lonely island, I take with me: Music, sunglasses and food

If I were an animal, I would be: a lion

I am involved in: the DLRG Minden e.V.

What I do like: Fashion, music, honesty, sense of humor, creativity, spontaneity, open-minded people, animals, sports activities, realism, fish sticks with mashed potatoes

What I do not like: Arrogance, stubbornness, raisins, spiders, know-it-alls, ticks, grunts, unkemptness, animal cruelty

What do colleagues say about Charlotte Harms?

"A real asset to the team! Helpful and always friendly."

"She is a cheerful nature, spreads good mood and has always a brisk slogan in stock. Charlotte enjoys customer contact and is a competent contact person, especially with social media topics."

"That's the way each of your colleagues wishes: always nice and helpful."

Motiv: Social Media