Authorized Officer | Head of Graphics & Design

"If you enjoy it, it's not really work."

Contact: al(at)gerbercom.de

At gerberCom. since: 2008

My favorite activity: Brochures and free design


In the restaurant I order: A nice pizza or a steak with croquettes

My next trip is: Morocco

In my spare time I like to deal with: My family, my friends or sports

The best movie ever is: Night Train to Lisbon

On TV, I like most: Various series, eg. Dark

On a lonely island, I take with me: Definitely enough to eat ...

As an animal I would be: A Panda bear

Sport is: A great way to relax, be well-balanced and feel good

What I do like: Harmony, food, cooking, sports, my piano, traveling, people

What I do not like: Hustle, malice, intolerance

What do colleagues say about Andrea Leimbach:
"Andrea always has an open ear and great tips ready."

"She is very creative. She always has an appetite :-). Andrea cares very well for apprentices / trainees."

"Our creative mind!"

"She is a loyal, honest and competent colleague who you can rely on 100%. Andrea enriches the working atmosphere in the agency with her kind (good mood & powerful) and brings the colleagues to great results. If you enrich creativity with high speed, you can almost achieve her performance. But costs keyboards :-). It's a lot of fun working with her and developing new things!"

Motiv: Creativity