Graphics & Design, Media Design

Graphics & Design, Media Design

"Creativity is the natural enemy of boredom and a pleasure that can be sold as work."

Contact: ab(at)gerbercom.de

At gerberCom. since: 2014


In the restaurant I order: a dish with fries and a dessert

In my spare time I like to deal with: Sports, music, my friends, my dog

I could read again and again: The Dark Tower of Stephen King

The best series of all time is: definitiv Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead

On TV, I like most: Family Guy oder Bob's Burgers

Make me laugh: my friends

My favorite animals: Capuchin monkeys and otters

Sport is: great, especially in the group

My best experience: there are so many...

What I do like: Animals, music, honesty, summer, seaside holidays, fries

What I do not like: Spiders, intolerance, lack of humor

What do colleagues say about Amelie Böker:

"An asset to the team."

"Our little elf"

"She is always in a good mood and is happy to work"

"She has a great eye for design and shapes, loves her graphics tablet (which she can handle remarkably), likes to laugh and is a fun-loving, positive person. Amelie does not talk much about it, she has the things already done, when you just wanted to delegate to her. "

Motiv: Screendesign