Alena Barnekow

Management assistant


At gerberCom. since: 2020

Here are a few more facts about me:

Sea or mountains??
Definitely sea! Preferably the North Sea - as soon as I feel the wind and the salty air, I can really switch off and somehow feel “at home”.

Would you rather be extremely intelligent or be extremely good with people?
What use is total intelligence to me if everyone turns away from me? So I prefer to stick to my existing intelligence and the ability to deal with people.

If you could have a video of a situation of your choice in your life. What situation would that be?
I often hear from my parents and grandparents that I had my own language for a long time and that the facial expressions and gestures were supposed to have been quite funny. I would love to have a picture of it to see if I could understand myself.

What would your ultimate dream home look like?
Bauhaus with a Frisian touch.

What does a perfect Christmas look like for you?
The main thing is that the whole family comes together. The trimmings are almost irrelevant, but of course it becomes even more perfect if the food and the gifts match.

Do you think a lot about the past?
In general, I'm more of a past person. But I just like to think back to the experiences and events.

Is there anything you really want to experience?
I would like to travel around Ireland and admire nature. It would be an absolute highlight to discover the locations of "PS: I love you" together with two friends.

When did you learn to ride a bike?
I must have been around 5. My stubbornness wouldn't let me ride until my parents took my sister's birthday excursion as leverage: only those who can ride a bike are allowed to join the swimming pool session.

How good are you at cooking and what is your specialty?
I'll say I'm pretty good at cooking. I don't necessarily have a specialty, but I really like to cook Mediterranean or Oriental.

Do you think it's important to learn something art?
Can you learn art? The very individual skills are definitely slumbering in everyone. It's just a question of whether you or someone else recognize and encourage them. I think the promotion is very important, because your own individual art is usually something you enjoy doing - and you should definitely live it!

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