Our philosophy – and what you should know over us otherwise

Well, we all know that: your customers want everything immediately, in perfect quality and preferably free of charge? Most of the time, so much of the special wishes, but everything works together ...? At least it is sure: everything is connected. For this purpose, we have developed the mesh vividly in the form of our "Economic Triangle". It explains in a vivid way which constellations of "good", "cheap" and "fast" work - and which do not.

Already in 1896 (!) The English writer and philosopher John Ruskin, who advocated a "business ethic", described the un-sense of exaggerated thriftiness:

"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's even worse to pay too little, if you overpay, you lose some money, that's all, and if you pay too little, sometimes you lose everything, because the one you bought The law of the economy does not make it possible to obtain much value for little money, so if you accept the lowest bid, you have to add a lot to the risk you are taking and if you do that 'Then you have the money to pay for something better.'

The customer

Of course, our customers are the focus of our actions, which is why we see ourselves as their partners. Together we develop effective concepts and consistently implement them into successful communication measures. Because the success of our customers is also our success! A good service and always "open ear" for positive as well as negative criticism are part of our self-image. Because we have a vital interest in continuously increasing our performance.


The suppliers

Our suppliers are also our partners because they translate our ideas and data into "tangible" advertising. Fair prices, good quality, reliable dates are important in the implementation. Open and honest words, positive as well as negative, help to get better at each other.


The employees

The most important resource within each company is its employees. In the agency business, this is twofold: Because where there is no motivation, creativity and innovation are left behind very quickly. And the customer suffers ...

Teamwork, creativity and reliability are not only welcome but also taught and promoted. Internal and external training measures expand the horizon of experience and the range of services.

Personal commitment of all employees, eg. B. by self-responsible project management or the introduction of suggestions for improvement, ensures that we can optimize our range of services. For us, it is important that all employees actively participate in the continuous improvement process and are prepared to constantly learn new things. The gerberCom.Team has a good working atmosphere with lots of fun in the daily work - this also strengthens the market position in the competition!

The companion

We maintain a pleasant, professional and trusting relationship in the team and with our customers and suppliers. Reliability (even with verbal agreements) and good service are of course part of it. Our customers are to receive competent advice, and gerberCom always has contact persons by name. We strive for a relationship of mutual trust - both in-house across all hierarchical levels and with our external partners. This is our foundation for successful teamwork.


Project documentation and order

Our claim: "Everything has to be always and directly available". That's why we have a sophisticated file and folder storage system where nothing is lost. All data is assigned to the customers and projects in such a way that even decades later we can still have the documents at the touch of a button. This saves time and money because you do not have to search for a long time, and you do not have to do any work twice.


Services and quality

On-time delivery is important: in contact and in the implementation of measures. But also the targeted approach with high quality (and therefore short lead times!) Of the projects has its value, because what uses the best measure, if it comes too late?

In order to increase efficiency, networking of all measures is indispensable. That's why we work as a full-service agency. Finally, as many contacts as possible should be reached in the shortest possible time by the target groups through timed, coordinated projects. Only then do we achieve the maximum perception of the offers (which then becomes noticeable for our customers through increased demand).


The price for a service must be clear, transparent and fair for both sides. That's why we create quotes and order confirmations to avoid ambiguity in order placement. Invoicing is carried out promptly upon completion of the action taken, so the work can best be reconstructed without additional explanations.

And even if, hopefully, you will never have anything to do with it: an efficient dunning process prevents liquidity bottlenecks and secures our existence on the market.