This is how we support others


Ice Dragons (HEV)

The Herford EV is a well-known ice hockey club that was founded in 2004. The players known as "Ice Dragons" with the club colors black and red rose to the Oberliga Nord in 2020. The Herford team played in the Oberliga West from 2011 to 2013 - we have been sponsoring them since 2020.


World record attempt in 2021


Marius Prünte wants to know: He plans to become the fastest person in the world in 2021 - on a bike. We support him in his marketing activities - especially public relations - and we keep our fingers crossed. You rock that!

Crete kennels

Crete Kennels - The Dog Hotel

We have been supporting the dog hotel since November 2020. Due to Corona, it is no longer possible for many to travel to their home country. This means that many dogs no longer need temporary accommodation. The website is intended to help dog owners make the decision easier when they cannot take their fur nose with them.



DRLG Ortsgruppe Minden e. V.

We support the German Life Saving Society in Minden, which has existed since May 28, 1927.

In 2015 we participated in a donation project to finance a new lifeboat. We supported the Minden branch in the field of marketing advice and the production of various print products. The new lifeboat was christened in June 2016.


Ratsgymnasium Minden

With the Ratsgymnasium Minden, founded in 1530, we support one of the most traditional schools in our region.

In 2011 we set up the website as part of a sponsorship project and have also been hosting the web since then. The Ratsgymnasium operates the website itself and can actively maintain the content (images, news) and even add pages through the TYPO 3 content management system. The website got another redesign in 2019.